If you were asked what the most important piece of equipment is to ensure the best cup of your favorite style of coffee what would you say?

You could most definitely claim it is obviously the coffee maker, from Machine Drip, to a French press, all the way to a full blown Espresso machine.

While the maker is clearly necessary to brew coffee, I would argue that without the perfect grind you are missing out on that perfect cup of Joe.

Swell prides itself on exploring the globe for single origin coffees from all over to use in our San Diego based specialty coffee roasting company. We roast small batches to get the true flavor from each bean’s origin.

The best coffee will always come from whole beans that you grind yourself. Or, if your fortunate enough to be in beautiful sunny San Diego, have Swell grind it for you at one of our two San Diego locations.

Pre ground coffee tends to become stale and causes you to miss out on subtle flavor notes and oils that make your favorite coffee, well, your favorite!

Why Grinders are so Important

Coffee grinders are at the center of perfect coffee.

This is because, depending on your method of brewing, you must have the right size grounds to ensure you are getting all the flavor you deserve.

It is for this reason that a good grinder is absolutely necessary!

You don’t want a super fine grind if you are using a French Press any more than want a coarse grind when brewing Espresso.

The more control you have over the size and freshness of your grinds the better your home brewed cup of liquid gold will be.

Different Grinders

There are many different kinds and makers of grinders on the market. They basically break down into three categories, manuel hand grinders, electric metal blade, and electric burr grinders.

Hand grinders are all pretty similar. They use Burr grinders vs. metal blades to do the grinding and usually produce a smaller amount of grounds. There are slightly larger versions available usually under the category of hand mills.

Electric grinders run the gamut, from big to small and can be set up with Burr grinders or metal blades. Burr grinders use two round cogs that smash the beans according to how far apart they are positioned. Metal blade grinders use two metal blades that spin on the bottom and chop your beans at a high rate of speed.

What Grinder is Right for Me

When choosing the right grinder for you there are a few things to consider.

How much coffee are you brewing at once?

How often?

What is your preferred method of brewing coffee?

A good hand grinder can be very affordable. It is limited to the amount of grounds produced at one time making it laborious to make more than one cup at a time.

There are also less adjustments to grind sizes and can be difficult to get a super fine grind for Espresso drinkers.

Many coffee geeks swear by these handhelds and will use nothing else.

If you brew a lot of coffee and like to switch up your brewing styles there are plenty of electric grinders to choose from.

These grinders are much quicker and easier. On the cheaper end you have plenty of smaller metal blade styles that have no set grind sizes.

These require the user to know how long to grind to determine coarseness. It can be harder to maintain a nice coarse grind, however, they have no problem producing super fine grinds.

If you have the extra money the sky’s the limit.

The higher end electric grinders are usually Burr and can come with up to 30 different grind settings.

It is all a matter of what kind of coffee budget you are working with. All are capable of getting the job done although it is fair to say that with any, you get what you pay for.

A cheap grinder can leave you wanting more control of your grind size and break before you get your money’s worth. Know your coffee style and you should be able to come somewhere in between on the electric scene.

Take It Easy

Whatever you do don’t become overwhelmed with all the different types of grinders. Spending more money may make things easier but it doesn’t necessarily make everything better.

Stay within your budget but beware of cheaper models that offer too many options. You will be disappointed.

I have always had success with a reasonably priced pulse electric metal blade grinder. The longer you hold the button down the finer the grind and vice versa.

Sunshine, toes in the sand, a gentle breeze in your hair as you watch the swells roll into perfect waves, cruising the coast with the top down 365 days a year….. That’s the Swell lifestyle!

Located out of San Diego, Swells laid back sun filled lifestyle lends itself perfectly to sipping on great coffee. By focusing on roasting the perfect bean we hope to bring the Swell life no matter where you live.

Determine what your perfect cup of joe is and get your grind on. Perfect coffee starts with whole beans and the right grinder for you.

Get the Right Grind

Here are some popular coffee brewing methods with appropriate grind sizes.

  • Turkish Coffee – Super Fine (powder sugar)
  • Espresso – Super Fine (powder sugar)
  • Moka Pot – Fine (table salt)
  • Auto Drip – Fine to Medium (Pre-ground coffee is here)
  • Pour Over – Coarse to Fine(sea salt)
  • Aeropress – Medium to Fine (less chunky)
  • French Press – Coarse (chunky)
  • Cold Brew Coffee – Coarse (chunky)