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Single Origin

Wotona Bultuma FTO

Ganache, Custard, Elderflower
Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
Single Origin
12 oz.
Whole Bean

So is it Sidamo or Sidama? Though not the lightning rod that Gesha vs Geisha is, there is history to the distinction. The area is most commonly called Sidamo and we’ve used that for the location for clarity, but the peoples go by Sidama and far be it for us to imperialize that.

The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU) is an organization that represents cooperatives within the Sidama zone of Southern Ethiopia. Established in 2001, they have grown to represent 2500 small scale farmers and are recognized as a top producer of exceptional specialty coffee. The Sidama zone has some of the region’s best soil, elevation, and climate to grow flavorful dense coffee. This lot is primarily sourced from the Wotona Bultuma Cooperative within the Sidama Zone and then processed at the facilities of the SCFCU. Grown under the shade of local trees, the Sidamo type coffee has been grown by SCFCU members for over 30 years.

Fair Trade and Organic certified, SCFCU has invested its premiums in improving roads and bridges, training on productivity and quality improvement, new machinery, and establishing electricity in the communities of its members.

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