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Single Origin

Santa Luzia

Bakers Chocolate, Lime Peel, Cashew
Red Catuai
Single Origin
12 oz.
Whole Bean

This Serrinha lot from Santa Luzia is part of a family of farms called “OUR COFFEE” and are in a very “blessed” area- the only city in whole country where the Atlantic Forest, the rain forest from Brazil, converge with the Cerrado Mineiro, Designation of Origin for Brazilian coffees.

In their own words: “We combine both biomes, the good condition os precipitation from the forest and acidity from de Cerrado Mineiro soil, everything in a 1.100 – 1.250mts altitude from sea level, what make the temperature cools down to 50F at nights. Not irrigate, and fully certified RainForest Alliance and UTZ. The farms also count with huge cements patios dryer and with a modern and high-tech miller to sorting beans using tables sorting and infrared laser machinery’s. The area is totally mapped and our coffees are traceable. We bring consistency to your cup. We are a Vertically Integrated Model, Direct Relationship Coffee.”

Typically of lower density, Brazilian beans do well with a finer grind – be bold and try this as a spiced and rich espresso.

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