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December Dripper

December Dripper represents the industry’s move towards precision and malleability.

In San Diego using the word “rockstar” in coffee will get you and eyeroll, but Nick Cho and Youngmin Lee deserve whatever superlative you want to heap on them.  The two combined their massive talents to develop the December Dripper, which represents the industry’s move towards more precise control over what we are actually doing when we make coffee.

The profile on this beast is very similar to a Kalita Wave, which we appreciate more than a conical dripper since the flat bottom allows the bed of ground to extract more evenly. A giant insight led to what on the surface is a small innovation in the adjustable base. At the outlet of the dripper there are four release points and each release point has three apertures. By twisting the collar of the dripper you can control your flow by deciding how many holes are blocked or not.

You can rotate to “0” and keep everything closed, blocking all openings for pre-heating or  immersion brewing among other things.

“1”  will get you a super slow flow-rate with only that number of holes passing coffee through in each release point (4 total); “2” will get you a steady medium flow with 2 at each; “3” will release the kraken. With these adjustments available on the fly you can construct some crazy recipes on a whim. We like to play around with a full immersion bloom and ramp up to a quick drip for a huge complex cup. Let us know your favorite recipe!

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