Single Origin

Chire Natural, Ethiopia

Huckleberry, Nougat, Nectarine
Heirloom Peaberry
Single Origin
12 oz.
Whole Bean

If you are looking for intensely fruity and very clean, this big natural Ethiopian wil shine just about any way you can figure out to brew it.

This coffee is produced by the Chire Washing Station located near the river Hamile in the village of Balo in the southern region of Ethiopia. This mill receives coffee cherries form 650-750 small farmers and has been in operation for the last seven years. Instensely fruity and very clean.

Ethiopian Coffee has been some tumultuous throughout 2017. Depending on who you ask, there are 82 or 84 different tribal groups with a multitude of not only different customs but languages as well. Conflict between groups this year led to damage and destruction of 30-40 washing stations, the mills where collectives sell their coffee cherries to be washed, dried, or otherwise processed into what eventually becomes the coffee you drink. Hopefully this violence will be quelled and is somewhat offset by the larger harvest and higher price (don’t see both together very often) of Ethiopian coffee this year so that farmers still get paid their due.

Another positive, recently legislation that is making brokerage between farmers and mills illegal will increase the farmer’s margins as well as provide better opportunities for growth in quality and transparency all around.

Ethiopia coffee always has been and will be complex, not just on the ground but in the cup as well. As with most Ethiopian coffees, here we simply list “heirloom” as the varietal. Most people trace the origin of Aribica coffee back to Ethiopia (the Keffa forest specifically) but because there are hundreds of wild varietals as well as hybridization within farms, it is almost not worth cataloging the vast array of potential beans present. While there are not many names like Caturra, Bourbon, or Gesha for most Ethiopian coffees, someplasce out there, there is a resevoir of knowledge with most sub-species categorized by number. If you really want to nerd out, go nuts!


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