Q. Wait, what?
Oh, hi! You have entered the enchanting realm of Swell Coffee Co.! Yes, there are a bunch of coffee roasters - heck, there are at least four dozen in our own little slice of California, San Diego! Swell Coffee Co. is helmed by individuals from all walks of coffee - 3rd wave to industrial - and we tie it all up into cups that are accessible to all manners of coffee drinker. We focus on sourcing, experimentation, production, extraction, and application for every lot and we aim for peak customer service to make that work for you.

Q. So you’ve got a subscription service I see. How’s that work?
Well, it keeps you in the black (or with cream) with discounts on your recurring orders, because running out of coffee sucks! You set it up with your select coffee and how often you would like some Swell stoking out your mailbox, and we do the rest. Only freshly roasted coffee is shipped (you can learn more here). As a seasonal coffee roaster sometimes the lots we buy run out, but we will let you know when we are making a change to your subscription and you are able to log on at any time and change your frequency, delivery method, or other options.

Q. Seasonal, eh? I bet that’s part of some overall philosophy, huh?
You got it! In our constantly evolving quest to help further what coffee is and means, one aspect is recognizing that coffee from seasons past lose complexity and intensity. To combat this, we don’t have coffee from every origin at every time of the year. Part of what we do at Swell to make this easy for you to deal with is making sure we always have certain types of coffee, whether that big fruity natural is from Ethiopia or Burundi or El Salvador or…

Q. Right, well I really liked my last shipment but I need extra bags for company I am hosting…
All of our items are available for one-off purchases, so you don’t have to interrupt your subscription just because you are suave and personable and a good cook and people want to have dinner with you, geez you don't need to brag. We always recommend getting only what you need for 7-10 days - for most people that is 1 or 2 twelve ounce bags. If you make a big pot every morning and another cup later in the day you may need more. 

Q. I get it - so how do I go about trying these new coffees?
We realize that with changes to our roaster roster may leave you with some uncertainty, so we have a sampler box we offer with 2 ounce bags of a range of our selections. Whether this is your first time or you are looking to revisit some of your favorite roasts, you will be all set for a different coffee each day of the work week.

Q. Huh, so what do I do with all those different beans?
Each coffee has a few extractions that are preferable, and we like to give you a heads up on the item pages for each coffee. If you are looking to experiment with new equipment, check out our constantly updating brew methods page where we will walk you through ways to pull the best flavor out of each ground.

Q. No, I mean where do I put them?
Until you grind our beans for use you should keep them airtight in a cool and dark place - resealing our valve bag and putting it in the cupboard is a great idea. Unless you have a commercial blast freezer and vacuum sealer, this is your best bet.

Q. I forgot to tell you, I’m not in North America - can you still ship to me?
Maybe!  International shipping is tricky, but we have a system in place to help you out. Email us at orders@swellcoffeeco.com and we will make it happen.

Q. Well where I live coffee is always roasted a certain way. How do you roast yours?
We are a fan of the idea that each lot we bring in has a unique apex of flavor and that by using some basic and some not-so-basic science we can bring the best our of each bean. This usually translates into a light or medium roast. BUT but but, don’t be hesitant to find a roast you like if you are a dark roast drinker - part of what Swell Coffee Co. is and represents is comfort and stoke for all. If you are more of a traditionalist, we have you covered as well.

Q. Hmmm… This all seems good and all, but-
You don’t need to make up a reason to talk to us, we are always down to coffee chat! Curious about what coffee has the most caffeine or somethign like that? You can give us a call at 619-930-8075 or slide into our inbox at orders@swellcoffeeco.com  for anything you can think of. Don’t forget to follow our social media to keep up on what’s new.

Q. Well that was conversational AND informative.
That’s not a question, but we love you and want you to be happy. Enjoy your Swell!