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Q. What is Swell Coffee Co.?

Swell Coffee Co. is a boutique coffee roaster located in San Diego. We are helmed by experienced coffee specialists and pride ourselves on superior customer service and expert sourcing, experimentation, production, extraction, and application for every lot we produce.

Q. How does Swell work?

Swell Coffee Co. is a subscription based coffee service that provides the best blends and single origin coffees from around the world directly to your home. Simply choose your favorite coffee and your delivery schedule, and we take care of the rest. We always roast within days of shipping. There is no commitment, and you can customize your subscription or cancel at anytime.

Q. What is a “seasonal” coffee roaster?

At Swell Coffee Co., we constantly strive to offer you the best coffee possible. As part of that, we recognize that coffee from past seasons has a tendency to lose its complexity and intensity. Therefore, we cannot offer coffee from every origin during each time of the year. We do work to ensure that we always have certain types of coffee, though they may vary by origin.

Q. How often can I update my subscription?

No hassles. No stress. No commitment. You can update or cancel your subscription at anytime.

Q. Do you offer one-off purchases?

Yes, all of our items are available for one-off purchases. This will not interrupt your subscription. We recommend purchasing a 7-10 day supply. For most people, that means 1-2 twelve-ounce bags.

Q. Do you offer sampler bags to try new coffees?

Yes, we offer a sampler box with two-ounce bags of our favorite coffees. You can learn more about our samplers here.

Q. Do you offer brewing equipment?

Yes, as each coffee has an extraction method that is preferable for its type, we offer a variety of brewing gear and equipment. To see some of our brewing products, click here. To learn more about brewing methods, click here.

Q. What’s the best way to store my coffee?

Beans should be stored in a cool and dark place in an airtight container. We recommend resealing our valve bag and placing it in the cupboard.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

We have an international shipping system in place. Email us at orders@swellcoffeeco.com with your particular country, and we’ll give you more information.

Q. Do you offer organic coffee?

All of our coffees are responsible and sustainable ecologically and economically. While we are not a certified organic coffee roaster, we do offer lots that are produced organically, as well as many that bear Eco-tags, such as the Rainforest Alliance.

Q. Do you have a wholesale program?

Yes! For more information regarding our wholesale program, contact us at whatsupswell@swellcoffeeco.com.

Q. How is Swell coffee roasted?

At Swell Coffee Co., all beans are roasted on a Loring Kestrel S35 hybrid roaster with a combination of traditional and modern roasting methods. In each lot, we aim for a combination of efficiency, consistency, and quality to bring the most out of each bean. Whether you prefer light, medium, or dark, contemporary or traditional – we have a coffee for you.

Have further questions? We love to chat about all things coffee. Call us at 619.930.8075 or email at whatsupswell@swellcoffeeco.com.

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