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Super-Satisfying Experience Right Out of the Can

Like its surf-riding namesake, El Whompo Cold-brew Coffee is destined for legendary status. Mellow flavor and low acidity, with a serious punch of caffeine – Shaka to the beauty of the beans!

The Legend of El Whompo

The masked mascot for El Whompo Cold-Brew was inspired by the proud tradition of the Luchadores, Mexico’s insanely popular free-style, mask-wearing wrestlers. Add our hero’s obsession with body surfing (whomping) and Viva El Whompo! Get out there and have fun! Whether it’s the beach or the boardroom, kick back with an amazing El Whompo Cold-Brew Coffee from Swell. Share the waves, share the stoke.

Cold-Brew Coffee Full-Immersion Freshness

Crafting El Whompo Cold-Brew Coffee is kind of like an epic day spent riding the waves – it’s all about the water and what you put into it. Rich coffee beans are steeped for hours in temperature-controlled water. Babying the beans keeps heat from burning out the caffeine, and gives El Whompo a fresh, low-acidity, no bitterness taste. Awesome without added milk or sugar. Sweet!

Where to Taste El Whompo Cold-Brew Coffee

Crack a can of El Whompo at Swell Coffee in Mission Beach or at Swell Coffee in Del Mar. El Whompo is also on tap at both locations. Stop by and chill with a cold brew.

Located in San Diego, CA
Get your fix in person at either of our two cafe locations.
Follow the tide. #swellcoffeeco

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