Standard Drip

There is no denying it. Fresh Ground coffee reigns supreme over pre-ground coffee. Like most amazing foods, beverages or life experiences, freshness makes all the difference in the world – in this case, grinding coffee. As soon as you grind coffee and expose it’s inner beauty to the environment around it, mainly oxygen, it begins to fade. Even with sealed bags and a one way valve on the bag, the coffee’s life has begun to degrade and that makes us sad. So Swell Coffee only offers fresh roasted whole beans ready to be ground fresh for whatever process you prefer.

Brewing Tips

Drip coffee is the easiest and trickiest coffee to explain the best routine.

  1. We go with the “Golden Ratio” of 18:1 water to coffee by mass, which translates to just under 2 tablespoons per 6 fluid ounces water
  2. “Wash” your paper filter by pouring some hot water over it – you can discard the water
  3. Freshly grind your coffee so that it’s somewhere about as coarse as sand
  4. Add the coffee to your filter and gently shake side-to-side to level
  5. Do it to it!
French Press

French press is one of the oldest manual brewing processes around. The lack of a paper filter allows for nearly all of the coffee’s essence to exist in your cup. The oils that are usually trapped in a filter are free to float around, leaving only the coarse grounds to be trapped at the bottom of the vessel after plunging. French Press lovers find the mouthfeel, richness and flavor far more appealing over traditional filter brewing methods. Any Swell Coffee can be enjoyed as a French Press, especially coffees with lots of chocolate and caramel flavor notes.

Brewing Tips
  1. 24 oz of coffee prepared
  2. Freshly grind your coffee a little coarser than Kosher salt
  3. 55-65 grams of coffee depending on preferred strength
  4. 24oz of water
  5. Water temp between 200-204F
  6. 1 minute bloom time
  7. Gentle stir
  8. 4 minute brew time
  9. Plunge & serve!
  10. Decant into a serving vessel if you can’t finish all at once
Pour Over

Pour over is the most common single serving coffee nerd method out there. There are several brands and designs (so stay tuned for videos on the variances for each!) but for the most part they are all come down to surface area vs. time. The love for the single person pour over, especially when brewed by the drinker themselves, is based simply on the fact that you are taking time to create and then enjoy an amazing cup of coffee…hopefully without distraction. The mouthfeel is a bit lighter over french press because of the paper filter, and the time it takes to prepare is less than that of a Chemex. The key to enjoying a single serving pour over is to minimize distractions while brewing.

Brewing Tips
  1. 12oz serving size
  2. Medium to Medium Fine
  3. 25 grams of fresh ground coffee
  4. 10-12oz of water
  5. Water Temp 200 degrees F (+/- 4 degrees)
  6. Average brew time 5-6 minutes

So for thousands of years people have been told that there are magical Espresso beans used specifically for Espresso. While that may be true in some weird “technically” kind of way, here is the truth…you better sit down. Any freshly ground coffee can be used for Espresso. Yep, you read that right, any coffee. The key to amazing espresso is dialing in three key things: the grind, the dose-to-yield ratio, and extraction timing. Every coffee will have its own specific variables and therefore will require you to spend some time pulling shots until you perfectly balance that equation of the three keys. That’s part of the magic of preparing Espresso!

Brewing Tips
  1. Let your coffee age half a week at least before you try to make espresso with it – it can actually be too fresh!
  2. Start with a 1:2 grinds to yield ratio – if you don’t have a scale (get one!!) check your machine’s manual
  3. If you are eyeballing volume for your yield, remember that too-fresh coffee will have more volume per mass
  4. Aim for 25 seconds for a brighter shot, 33 seconds for heavier, or find your sweet spot in the middle by adjusting your grind

Chemex is the big brother to the single serving pour over. The technique is the same, only there is greater volume for more to enjoy! Because of the paper filter, the coffee usually has a lighter body, but still an amazing mouthfeel. The process requires the brewer to pay attention to their “watering” technique, making sure not to pour onto the filter edges and only the coffee.

Brewing Tips
  1. Average 32oz serving size
  2. Medium to Medium Fine grind
  3. 50-55 grams of fresh ground coffee
  4. Water temp 200 degrees F (+/- 3 degrees)
  5. 1 minute bloom after initial pour
  6. 4 minute average brewtime

AeroPress is an Espresso machine in the palm of your hand

Brewing Tips
  1. Two 8 oz. cups
  2. Medium / Fine
  3. 1.2 oz of coffee
  4. 18 fluid oz. of water
  5. Water Temp 198F
  6. 4 min average brewtime
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