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North Park Beer Company Flight Club: Coffee & Beer!  Edition II Coffee. Beer. COFFEE! BEER! This month’s installment is the return of coffee & beer! We will be tasting craft beers with coffee flavors, coffee from local coffee roasters, AND exploring the world of roast! Meet local roasting gurus as they talk about flavors we… read more

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The Swell Grind

If you were asked what the most important piece of equipment is to ensure the best cup of your favorite style of coffee what would you say? You could most definitely claim it is obviously the coffee maker, from Machine Drip, to a French press, all the way to a full blown Espresso machine.

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A Swell Guide to French Press Coffee

The French Press is arguably the best and easiest way to expand your coffee brewing horizons. By following some simple instructions, and a small investment in a new french press coffee maker, you can immediately see, smell, and taste the difference of your favorite whole bean roast.

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A Swell Guide to Pour Over Coffee Brewers

At Swell we love to take our time to find the perfect single origin coffee; to roast the perfect bean. It just fits in with the easy going, toes in the sand SoCal lifestyle we are forced to live in. Therefore, it makes sense we have no problem taking some extra time in the morning coffee ritual to brew a perfect cup of morning sunshine, or coffee as in this case.

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A Swell Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

There is no doubt a nice hot cup of joe really hits the spot and gets the blood flowing on a chilly morning before starting your day. But what about those not sweltering summer days when the morning chill is 75 degrees or higher!

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A Swell Guide to AeroPress Coffee

Have you ever wanted that one perfect cup of coffee in the morning to get you on the move? Do you want all the flavor and coffee oils that give you all the great taste of your favorite fresh ground, perfectly roasted coffee? Then the AeroPress is perfect just for you!

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