There is no doubt a nice hot cup of joe really hits the spot and gets the blood flowing on a chilly morning before starting your day.
But what about those not sweltering summer days when the morning chill is 75 degrees or higher!
That’s when you thank the coffee gods for cold brew coffee and a bag of your favorite Swell, single source origin, perfectly roasted , with a kiss of SoCal love in hand.
The best part of the cold brew is you don’t need any special machine to make it and one brew can make enough go juice for 2 weeks.
Chances are if you are already a coffee connoisseur like us, all the tools you need are readily available.
All you need is fresh ground coffee, cold delicious water and a receptacle to hold your brew for 12+ hours before you filter it.
There is no point in waiting, let’s get into the brewing process now! We’ll go back later to go over all the benefits and multiple possibilities of cold brew coffee.

How to Make the Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

Start with your favorite roasted whole coffee. Never underestimate the benefits of fresh ground coffee. Pre-ground coffee starts to lose its freshness within the first 30 minutes. Trust me, as soon as you start using fresh grinds, you will never turn back!
Let’s take those beans and throw them in the grinder.
For a cold brew, we can start small. It is going to be a concentrate in the end afterall.
For this recipe we will start with 110g of fresh roasted coffee beans. The ratio for coffee to water will be 1 to 7.
That will be 110 grams of coffee and 770 grams water in total.
Use the grinder to get a uniform (coarse grind). A coarse grind is the chunkiest granules you get on the coffee grind scale.
If you have a Burr grinder this is easy to attain. Metal blade grinders will take a good amount of finesse to get the job done without getting too many tiny granules, but it can be done.
Once the grind is complete dump them into a brewing receptacle. A glass carafe or large mason jar works great, but the most important element is that it holds at least 770 grams total.

Slowly pour the cold water over the coffee grinds. In about five minutes, use a spoon and gently push down the grounds that create the crust on top. Sometimes also known as the brewing slurry.
Cover the carafe or whatever you are using. Place it in the fridge or on a cool counter of any sunlight.Brew time takes about 14 hours and no longer than 24 at the longest.
At this point the magic has happened; all the glorious flavors are in the water.
Now we need to filter out all the spent coffee grounds.

Straining Cold Brew Coffee

There are a few different ways to strain your cold press brew.The simplest way is to use a standard paper #4 coffee filter. Place the filter in a mesh strainer.
The tighter the mesh the better, however the paper coffee filter does most of the work, so even a standard colander would work for this method.
Most importantly, make sure the coffee all goes into your straining receptacle. Using a large mixing bowl to strain into makes it hard to miss. Working smarter not harder is always the goal.
Once all the coffee grounds are filtered out pour the cold brew into its final serving/storage container.
This concentrate will last up to two weeks in the fridge with a lid. That’s why large mason jars work so well.
When serving a cup just simply add equal parts clean delicious water to cold coffee concentrate over ice.Or a 1 to 1 ratio. You can always adjust this ratio if you find your coffee too strong or too diluted.

Other Straining Methods

  • Put it in a French Press, push the plunger and strain.
  • Line a fine mesh sieve with cheesecloth, strain into a bowl or large Mason Jar.
  • Sounds strange but a pair of pantyhose makes a great filter!
  • The most important part is to separate all particulates from the delicious coffee juice. We would love to hear your official method.

How Does It Taste

The taste of Cold brew is quite distinctive. Since we are using an immersion method, and not extracting with heat, you end up with extremely low acidity coffee beverage.

This makes for a super smooth rich flavor that is easier on the stomach. This is great news for people who are sensitive to the high acidity of hot brew.
My wife actually had to give up here coffee habit because of stomach problems. Thanks to cold brew she can actually drink this full bodied, rich in flavor, super smooth quality beverage with no problem!

Ways to Use Cold Brew Coffee

There are a lot of different coffee concoctions you can make from Cold Brew coffee. This is yet another benefit of this concentrated goodness. Here are a few to get you started!

  • Straight up with no dilution like a shot. This is quite a blast of caffeine so watch yourself. However it is a quick fix if you are in a hurry or need a little extra get up and go.
  • Dilute with milk instead of water for an iced cold latte. (Almond milk, Cashew milk, Soy milk…. All the milks)
  • Dilute with soda water, add some simple syrup and top with cream. You have a delicious coffee soda. Try a splash of chocolate syrup to really get the taste buds going.
  • Coffee martini anyone! Mix with your favorite spirit for a delicious adult beverage.
  • My favorite is mixing a 1:1 ratio coffee to milk, add some chocolate syrup to taste, and a shot of vodka. Shake vigorously with ice and poor neat. All I can say is wow!
  • Have a sweet tooth? Drop a scoop or two of ice cream straight to the concentrate.
  • I even heard of coffee lemonade, but have not got around to that one yet?!

See how creative you can get. We might even have to put a recipe book together soon with so many great recipes out there.

Troubleshooting and Tips

If your coffee is too bitter you might have an over extraction. Try less brew time.
Sometimes to many particles get through the initial straining process. Don’t fret. Just run it through the filter again.
Try different filter options and see what works best for your style and taste.
This is the easiest way to make ice brew coffee. Have fun with it!
There is another method for ice brew that involves slowly melting ice over your grinds for a slow drip but we will save that for another time!
Always remember to use fresh ground coffee and cold delicious water. This is the cornerstone to all great coffee!
Try all the single origin perfectly roasted coffee Swell has to offer, get yours today.
Spring is always near and summer will be here sooner or later. Whether your summer is two months long or all year round, be prepared with the smooth rich taste of Cold Brew coffee.

Have fun! Live well! Drink Swell!