Have you ever wanted that one perfect cup of coffee in the morning to get you on the move?
Do you want all the flavor and coffee oils that give you all the great taste of your favorite fresh ground, perfectly roasted coffee?
Then the AeroPress is perfect just for you!
That is just what the inventor of the AeroPress was going for when he looked at the market and saw nothing that fit his needs.

The Origins of the AeroPress

The AeroPress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler. Alan is the president of a company called Aerobie. If the company name sounds familiar, that’s because this is not the first time Alan has seen a better way for a new twist on old favorites.
This is the man who took the Frisbee and came up with the Aerobie disc. A bright orange disc with a hole in the center that flies faster and longer than its conventional counterpart, the Frisbee.
Alan did it again when he could not find a coffee maker that fit his exact needs. Thanks to his ingenuity, in 2005 we were graced with the AeroPress.
A coffee brewer with the simple idea of waste not, want not that is specifically used to make a perfect cup of coffee for one.

What It Is?

The AeroPress is a very simple machine. It breaks down into two major components and a paper filter or tight steel mesh filter.
The press looks like an oversized needle at your doctors office, but there is no need to be scared of this one.
The coffee and water go in a cylinder with holes on the bottom and a filter under the coffee.
The second piece of equipment is a slightly smaller round plunger with a tight rubber seal that fits tightly inside the larger coffee holding cylinder.
That’s the whole kit and caboodle! Simple but very effective.

How to Brew with an AeroPress

The first step, as always, is to start with freshly ground premium Swell coffee.
The grind size is more forgiving with an AeroPress, but we suggest a medium fine grind size.
As you perfect your method you can always try different grinds to suit your taste.
For this one cup recipe we will use 20 grams of coffee (about 4 tablespoons).
Because the AeroPress is designed to make one perfect, you will need to heat up enough water to fill the cylinder to the top.
Make sure to use clean delicious water and heat it up to 205 degrees fahrenheit.
Take the filter, whether paper or metal mesh, and insert it in the bottom of the cylinder.
The strainer mechanism screws off and the filter is tightened on the bottom of the cylinder.
Now we put our grounds in. pour enough hot water to cover the grinds and start the bloom process. About 30 seconds to one minute.
Once the grounds are evenly wet you can now fill the AeroPress to the top, leaving enough room for the plunger insertion. You will lose some coffee through the filter so it is important to keep an eye on how much so you don’t end up with an over diluted final product.

Next we will stir the grounds gently to make sure there is an even absorption and brewing process. After stirring let it sit for no longer than two minutes.
Put the plunger in and slowly press down. The pressure from the seal will force brew the water through the grounds and filter.
The bottom is designed to sit right on top of your favorite mug so after about 30 seconds the coffee is in the cup and ready to drink.
You’ve done it! One perfectly delicious cup in no more than 5 minutes.

Cleaning the AeroPress

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Unscrew the bottom and remove the filter if it’s steel mesh or throw away if paper.
Plunge the spent grounds into the trash. Rinse off any remaining grounds.
Bam! You are ready for the next perfect cup.

Benefits of AeroPress

The first benefit of an AeroPress I’ve already mentioned. It is the reason it was invented which is one perfect cup with no waste.
The best benefit is its amazing versatility. Whether you like strong coffee, light bodied coffee, dark roast, light roast and everything in between, the AeroPress has you covered.
You can use a fine ground dark roast and get a pretty good cup of espresso.
There is even a way to get cold brew out of this tiny wonder.
Just pack the top with ice and let it slowly drip into a glass. Give yourself about 4-5 hours for this one.
We don’t only suggest you try different grind sizes and water to coffee ratios, we encourage it.
This is one simple machine that is guaranteed to produce your perfect tasting coffee. Sometimes the best coffee is attained one cup at a time.

A New Trend

Here is a quick look at a new growing trend on brewing with an AeroPress.
It’s called the inversion method. This method uses the AeroPress upside down.
Put the plunger in and load your coffee and water just like the regular method.
Make sure the plunger is secure and don’t accidentally pull it out!
The idea is you get a more well balanced thoroughly extracted brew.
The tricky part is flipping the brewer and cup at one time before you plunge.
The most important part is to enjoy yourself. Both while brewing and consuming your favorite coffee.

Have fun! Live well! Drink Swell!