Have a great International Coffee Day on us.

Posted by Jared Wardle on Sep 29th 2016

From all of us Swell, have a great International Coffee Day.As we celebrate the very beverage that wakes us up and gives us life today, we think it's important to remember the farmers who work so hard … read more

Lightning In A Bottle 2016: Heat, Coffee, and Music

Posted by By Kevin Mayberry on Aug 19th 2016

With neatly folded handkerchiefs as dust masks and water canteens hanging from belt loops, festival goers roamed from stage to stage, enduring harsh conditions for the opportunity to escape their dail … read more

Finca San Antonio - Turning over a new leaf

Posted by By Nanelle Newbom on Aug 16th 2016

You just can't find this sort of thing any more. Over the last decade the barriers to direct trade have lowered. Thanks to many pioneers most importers have simple processes in place, and farmers have … read more