When you visit a coffee farm in another part of the world, it changes you.

 Watching mothers and fathers handpicking coffee reinforces our commitment to roasting direct trade, transparent, and fair trade coffees, giving back to the farms and families that give so much to us. Whether it’s our partnerships with farmers at origin or our partnerships with local businesses, we believe in working together to create a quality product that benefits everyone – from the farmer, to the roaster to the person who wants a cup of good coffee. 

We enjoy working actively with our partners to make each and every coffee program we support the best it can possibly be. We never stop looking for wholesale partners to collaborate with and opportunities to share how Swell Coffee Co. can support other complementary coffee programs.

We offer:

  • Direct, transparent, fair, and sustainable specialty coffees

  • Staff training

  • Marketing support

  • Open cuppings and tastings

  • Access to the roast team so that our partners can maintain continual involvement in the production of its coffees

  • Organic and sustainable Teas

  • Additional retail merchandising and support

If you would like to join us in pursuing the best coffees in the world, contact our wholesale team.