Mission Beach


At our flagship cafe, you can find us fueling the community with locally crafted coffee and fresh food. We pride ourselves on our menu of high-quality breakfast and lunch options, often created with locally sourced ingredients. We are the morning stop for barefoot locals and travelers indulging in a pre-surf coffee and the casual breakfast for families on summer vacation. 

Everything we believe in stems from our mission to do good in the local community while taking care of coffee-farming communities worldwide. These hard-working men and women handpick the coffee cherries that allow us to enjoy a cup of artisan, direct trade coffee in beautiful Mission Beach. We join local causes to protect the natural wonders in our own backyard and build relationships with farms around the globe so you can feel good about every drop we pour and every plate we serve.

Café Hours: 

Kitchen: 7am to 2pm daily 
Café: 7am to 2pm daily

(858) 539-0039

3833 Mission Blvd.,

San Diego, CA 92109

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