Finca San Antonio - El Salvador

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Finca San Antonio - El Salvador

Tasting Notes: Praline, Dried Apricot, Toffee


Location: Cantón Alvarez, Santa Tecla, La Libertad, El Salvador.

Farm History: Finca San Antonio sits on the slope of the San Salvador Volcano, growing coffee at elevations of 5,500–6,000 feet, where frequent strong winds allow for the plantation to be shade-grown. This means the coffee beans are planted under the shade of trees, but they still receive intermittent sunlight as the trees sway in the winds. San Antonio has taken this one step further, strategically pruning trees to allow for just the right amount of light to shine through. The farm spreads across 165 acres, harvesting mostly bourbon variety At Finca San Antonio, harvesting is done between February and March. Each hand must know exactly how to determine when the coffee is ready or the perfect ripeness. Although hard to describe, this is achieved when the cherry is a very dark burgundy red. Another technique used to determine whether it’s ready is to take one of the cherries and squeeze it very carefully over the palm of the hand. If the fruit yields 4-5 drops of juice, then its ready for picking.

Farm Facts

Altitude: 1,700 (MASL)


Arabica Varieties: RED BOURBON  

Process: Washed, Natural and Honey

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