Finca La Virgen De Oro - Colombia

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Finca La Virgen De Oro - Colombia

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, floral, sweet pepper, molasses.

Cultivated in the “Finca La Cumbre” in the municipality of Palermo, in Southwestern Antioquia, Virgen de Oro is a true Estate Coffee. Its beans are milled (wet and dry) and packed at the farm, unlike any other Colombian Coffee.

The legend tells us that the Virgin Mary chose the area near where the Finca is located to appear and perform one of her miracles, a few seconds were not enough for her to appear; as she fell in love with the natural beauty of the surroundings, she spent several days present on the wall of the rocky mountains to let everybody see her. Those who had the privilege of witnessing her appearance said that the Virgin was covered in gold, and that this golden color was more powerful, deep and brilliant than anything they had ever seen.

Nowadays, following the legend of the golden Virgin, Virgen de Oro Estate Coffee bears her name.

Virgen de Oro is grown 100% free of any agro chemicals and processed with environmentally clean technolo- gies, in total harmony with the nature that surrounds the Estate. Virgen de Oro has a pronounced floral aroma, high-medium acidity and medium body,

resulting in a very clean cup and a strong fragrance.