Beach Goth

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Beach Goth

Tasting Notes: Moody.  Complex. Sinful. 

Beach Goth is hands down our most popular coffee and a very versatile blend. It shines as an espresso but it also makes a great pour-over, french press, or aeropress.  Last year, Beach Goth won us a Silver Medal at the Golden Bean roasting competition in the espresso category. 

Beach Goth appeals to traditional coffee drinkers and coffee nerds alike.  The blend is composed of bean from Mexico and Ethiopia. The combinations of the two varietals create a complex coffee with enough vibrant acidity to please the coffee geek but not overwhelm the average drinker. The Mexican component contributes a lot of rich chocolate and clean earthy tones and, as espresso, notes of grape come forward. The addition of our natural Ethiopian coffee really rounds the blend out by adding a vibrant acidity, with notes of berry and citrus.